Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Only a woman can break his spell

I've been under the flu for a week now and this starts to be quite boring. Today is a bit better day although I coughed my lungs nearly out in the morning, but the energy level is better and the voice came somewhat back. I've been at the work every day though, but the rest of the time I've been bounded to the couch. I already miss a gym and  pole a lot. This is weird to be without the work-out over a week.

Today I was off so I tried to create some kind of outfit:
A sweater is the new finding from a flea market and those shoes I bought a few months ago and they are excellent. I still love over-the-knee boots and these are the perfect pair for a collection. For the winter I would need a pair of combat boots, but I haven't seen any nice yet. 

About a week ago it was Independence day here in Finland and the country celebrated its centenary. I was what else as ill, but I wanted to have at least a bit festive vibes too so I headed to the downtown to see fireworks as did thousands people here. I didn't except to meet that big crowd there, but obviously everyone had the same plan. My flu didn't like that idea at all and it got worse of course due to the glacial weather. 

I can't believe it's Yule soon and I haven't bought gifts yet :D  It's a really nice and wintry weather and I do enjoy the snow (now when there is loads of snow). 

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Gaggin' Drag

Yesterday's look when we went to see Gaggin' drag show to a local bar. Was nice evening over the drinks and the shows were entertaining and made me laugh. I was dressed in self made lace dress and a fluffy bolero. Unfortunately the snow appeared and I wasn't able to wear any nice shoes as I planned. I hadn't worn this dress for ages and if felt gorgeous on and fit well together with the bolero. 
No other special plans for the weekend. I try to find the time to check out the newest Twin Peaks episode and do some pole dancing. Hope you all have a great time!

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

"I will see you again in 25 years."

As the title gives to understand, I've become familiar with the newest Twin Peaks season which is indeed surrealistic and very Lynch. I've gone through just a few episodes and I don't try to pretend to understand it, but there is something which invites me to go on. I heard a bunch of different opinions about the newest season and it is totally really different as the original serial was in the 90's, but I knew it beforehand so I didn't except to return to the old dreamy Twin Peaks town which was warm and cozy. Those who wait for the nostalgic trip to the past will be disappointed although there is old familiar characters, the atmosphere differs from the past. I'm eager for seeing how the serial goes on and what happens to Cooper and his brutal look-alike. If the old serial was potential to entertain everyone, I think The Return is not that mainstream, it's artistic with some poor made special effects and you can't go home again. A few years have gone since I last watched the first two seasons and I would like to re-watch them again. Unfortunately they exist no longer on Netflix. 
Day's look consisted of a striped dress and red lips (once again), but they just fit together perfectly. 
I have a terrible cat fever. I've been looking for a cat on several websites during the days, but so far no luck. I would like to have the black kitten, but the internet seems to offer only the adults... My old pal, who didn't live with me, passed away a week ago at the age of 16. That's pretty good age for a cat. I was fourteen-years-old when he was born and he has been here through all these years and periods of the life... I also would like to have that dog, but the life with the dog requires orderliness and sometimes it's nice to be spontaneous. 

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Let's not wake up any ghosts

A last workday of a week in front of me and I've spent my forenoon by listening to some gothic rock while reading Jyrki 69's book which I found in the library recently. The week has been tough and I've felt so sleepy due to the longer days. Basically I have done nothing else as work and pondered what is the next step in my life. My mind wanders between the earth and space. Someday I would like to work abroad and I've suggested that idea to my beloved as well, things aren't too easy when you are in a relationship, but I know it's not the right moment now... but maybe someday? I'm definitely a person who will get bored really easily if the life doesn't offer new possibilities regularly. I have a bunch of plans in my head, I just need a way to get them out. 
Today's look: the red lips and a simple black dress. 

Someone asked for a decor post and I try to open a door into my new flat as soon as I'm able to take quality pictures. Usually it's too dark for the decor photos and today my home is too messy because I didn't have time to clean it during the week. 

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

"I talk to god, but the sky is empty"

On a last post I bemoaned about laziness. Well things change quickly and this week I'm working over 50 hours. I managed to have some extra shifts which keep me busy. They offered me more shifts also to the next  week, but I already had plans. 

These outfit pictures were taken last Friday, but I didn't find time to write a post earlier. This awesome knitting which has flashed every now and then on the blog is from Queen of Darkness. I wonder that it is still in a good shape after wearing it quite much. It looks so fragile and I was sure that there is a bigger hole quite soon. With the shirt I wore the newest second hand skirt and those lovely Pennangalan shoes which have been hiding deep in a closet for a long time. It's a big shame that they don't produce shoes anymore. Pennangalan was definitely my favorite goth shoe brand and they had so pretty models. Demonia, Killstar or other bulk brands can't beat it. 

The bed is calling early this evening despite of the fact that I already took a nap earlier today. I feel dead tired due to the short nights that I've spent recently. I hate the rush, but I see being quite good at creating it myself too. I can't wait for the suitable moment to start watching the newest Twin Peaks season which started running on the telly. I hope it's worth watching!